Terms and conditions of trade for vikingswords.net (Bob Davies).

  1. This site is not an online shop. If you wish to discuss or order an item please e-mail me - bob at vikingswords dot net
  2. The majority of items I make are to customers particular orders. The order will be discussed and a price agreed on. If, when the item has been produced, the customer does not like it for whatever reason, then the customer is under no obligation to buy it. (Written contracts may be required for certain items).
  3. If you do place an order, the item will remain the property of vikingswords.net until full payment has been received.
  4. If an item has been produced and payment has not been received after a period of six months, then the order will be considered cancelled, with the item available for sale to others.
  5. The offer of products on this site is not binding.
  6. The purchaser must be 18 years or over to buy a sword or seaxe from vikingswords.net.
  7. I do not and will not make curved bladed swords or seaxes of any description.
  8. I prefer to deliver orders at viking shows. This avoids complications involved with postage back and forth etc. However, this is open to some discussion. If vikingswords.net does agree to send the ordered item by post or courier, then the customer is responsible for postage costs incurred and any customs forms etc. that may be needed. The customer is also responsible for any excess duty on said item.
  9. If an item breaks, or is deemed to be not fit for purpose, then a full refund will be given.
  10. If any item is deemed non authentic or out of period by the powers that be (i.e. authenticity officers), then a full refund will be given if asked for.
  11. Any customer that buys an item from my stall at a show may return the item(s) within two weeks of the purchase date. To facilitate this a receipt is given for all purchases. I accept responsibility for the costs and risks of return. Return and notification of return must be e-mailed to the above address or via phone +353876625542. No reason need be given.
  12. Please note; vikingswords.net (and Bob Davies) will not accept responsibility for any injuries which occur during the use of their products whatsoever.

Refunds on Standard Combat Re-enactment Swords and Seaxes.

Due to the wear and tear on re-enactment blunt swords and seaxes, they must be fit for purpose.

If within one year of purchase the customer has a problem with their sword or seaxe, then it will be repaired free of charge OR a full refund will be given, on receipt of the said sword/seaxe back to vikingswords.net.

Any problem being claimed upon must have occurred during normal re-enactment usage.

If after two years of purchase a customer has a problem with their sword or seaxe, then this can be discussed on an individual basis.