Viking Swords, Seaxes and Silverware

As a silversmith I enjoy working with silver to re-create archaeological finds, often with my personal slant on them. These have included bangles, fluted silver toasting cups, crowns and silver coins, using sterling silver or pure silver. The fluted cup shown is my interpretation of the silver bowl from Lilla Valla on Gotland. The cup is 9cms in diameter and 3cms in depth.The coins are taken from finds in York, Dublin, Denmark and Ribe.

The pair of crowns shown are my interpretation of what a 10th century crown may have looked like - these were a special commission for the 'Vikings UK' (Re-enactment Society). The crowns are sterling silver set with garnets. The designs above the stones are particular to the Vikings Society.

I also create Viking age silver bangles/arm rings.

Commission work undertaken.

24 Flute Silver Cup

Crown - Commissioned by The Vikings (NFPS)

Silver Arm Ring, Inspired by finds in Gotland

Stamped Hack Silver Bangle with Serpent Head Clasp

Silver Hoard